With over three decades of experience in the sales and distribution of glazed and cladding tiles, kitchen cabinets and units and bathroom fittings, the Kurikkal Group commenced operations in the district of Malappuram, in Kerala, before gradually expanding its presence to cover other locations. The Group has steadily maintained market leadership by focusing on uncompromising service quality and by adhering to the core values and principles that defined the vision of the founder.

How it all Began
The Kurikkal family is home to many legends who have played significant roles in weaving the socio-political fabric of Malabar. The family’s lineage can be traced back to Abu Ubaidah, a Companion of Prophet Muhammad (pbuh)


The ability to think on the feet and make the right decisions, even under tremendous pressure, is what sets the leaders apart from the followers. Since its inception, the Kurikkal Group has often demonstrated the uncanny knack of making timely, killer moves. For a venture, which began with a bus service called Kurikkal Transports, along with a wood mill in the early 1960s, it was the year 1970 that marked a historical landmark, when it launched the Associated Plywood Company.

The Phase of Business Expansions

In 1981, the Group launched Oriental Trade Links, an exclusive showroom for sanitary ware at Manjeri, the first of its kind in the entire district of Malappuram. The showroom illustrated the pioneering spirit of the group. The company expanded its presence much farther when, in 1986, the Honourable Panakkad Sayed Mohammed Ali Shihab Thangal launched Kurikkal Pipeline. It was the Kurikkal Group that gave Kerala its first water Tank, Tank O Man and Polaris, in 1995. The launch of this product reflected the leading-edge outlook of the group.

The Giant Leap

After successfully expanding its business to the various centres of Malappuram district, the Kurikkal Group took a giant leap in the year 1998, by launching its first ever showroom in the city of Kozhikode, the trading capital of Malabar. Since then it has evolved into a market leader in the sales and the distribution of tiles, and bathroom and kitchen ware in Northern Kerala.

In 2015, Kurikkal Ambiente, the one-stop store for tiles and kitchen and bathroom solutions made its grand entry in the market realm as the newest standard bearer of the proud business legacy of the Group.


In 2015, Kurikkal Ambiente, the single stop store for tiles, kitchen and bathroom solutions made its grand entry. Kurikkal Ambiente,yet another bearer of the proud business legacy is the group’s latest venture.

Message from Managing Partner


In a customer-centric market, quality necessarily precedes all other considerations because the end buyer is thoroughly informed about products, discerning in his choices and demanding in his expectations. The competition is also alert to these realities; making it imperative that a company that intends to weather the vagaries of the market remains committed to the highest standards of quality, reliability and customer delight.

Kurikkal Ambiente has consistently attempted to exceed the expectations of its customers, with regard to quality, economy and service by committing itself to the total fulfilment of the customer’s expectations.

Our Mission

At Kurikkal, our objective is to continuously evolve and enrich a culture of dedication to quality and unmatched service, while upholding the principles and values that have guided the Group in many decades of unstoppable growth. We shall direct all our efforts towards bringing the best and the most innovative of products on the market to ensure the enduring satisfaction of our customers.

Our vision

To ensure Quality and Value in every transaction with every Kurikkal customer. We believe in perfection and our enduring effort will remain that of actualizing the expectations of our buyers, without compromise. We also believe in perpetuating relationships and will work relentlessly towards retaining the loyalty of our customers.